Focus Areas
Vast pluriannual experience and continuous upskilling of our team in specific focus areas, are our business card. Possessing in-depth knowledge of the operating and competitive dynamics of certain sectors, we are able to provide highly targeted and effective advice to our customers.
Azienda che cresce con i servizi Uniquely
Tourism and Hospitality
We help hoteliers, holiday home owners, holiday farmhouses, experience providers and destination promoters (DMO) to build a strong and effective web presence. Among the objectives that we help them achieve are the following:
  • Search engine and social media visibility improvement
  • Increase in direct bookings without intermediaries
  • Improvement of reviews and general web reputation
  • Opening of new markets and internationalization
  • Increase in room rates and occupancy rates
Innovative Start-ups
We have helped many innovative startups to grow, open new markets and achieve their strategic objectives. We are able to provide continuous specialist consultancy in all phases of a startup’s development, from initial design to commercial launch and scaling-up. We are on the side of “startuppers” who turn to us for help in achieving goals such as the following:
  • Development of an adequate and effective digital footprint
  • Development of visibility on search engines and social networks
  • Development of effective frameworks for the analysis of market data and target audience
  • Development of digital sales channels
  • Design of effective branding strategies
Small Medium Business
We provide outsourced digital marketing and privacy compliance services to small and medium-sized enterprises, thus allowing them to benefit from specialized services with very high added value without having to face the overhead costs associated with hiring  specialized personnel, obtaining advantages such as the following:
  • Development of new digital sales channels without the need of physical infrastructure
  • Opening of new markets and internationalization
  • Adjustment to the provisions of the GDPR and related staff training
  • Development of CRM strategies
  • Strengthening and managing the brand’s reputation
Green digital marketing
We help companies and non-profit organizations exploit the tools and dynamics of the web to ride the wave of growing global awareness of the importance of environmental conservation. The objectives of the Green Digital Marketing campaigns that we develop for our customers are as follows:
  • Promotion of circular economy products and processes
  • Dissemination of awareness on environmental and marine conservation issues
  • Green image and reputation development
  • Increase in eco-sensitive customers through digital advertising campaigns
  • Increase of supporters of non-profit organizations through digital awareness campaigns, education and participation in environmental and marine conservation initiatives